Archimould Roofing Products

Our emphasis is on authenticity, design and proportion, married with the application of top quality materials and technical sophistication in a modular, easy to assemble, prefabricated component system.

Every component is pre-drilled, pre-cut, or moulded specifically to suit the purpose it was intended for. A perfect example of this is the unique moulded fibreglass self-supporting roofing system which is light and easy to transport, yet can be assembled in under an hour and is exceptionally strong and hard wearing.

Archimould Timber Posts

Timber posts come separately, are machined and pre-fitted with out exlusive range of moulded composite one piece capitals, skirtings and rosettes. These mouldings will not split or crack due to moisture or climatic changes. Our rotundas are the first choice of councils, weddings reception venues, social and sporting clubs, as well as featuring in many large residential and commercial developments.